Project Details

Are you ready to involve to highway traffic. You need to struggle in huge traffic which has reckless drivers. Sometimes you need to drive hard to survive. Try not to crash to any car or vehicle with best 2d car racing experience.

Highway Traffic Racing has 4 game modes

– One way traffic
Classical highway traffic, you are at the same side with all cars. You have to survive as much as you can. And overtake all cars to make your best

– Two ways traffic
In one highway there is two traffic flow. You can change your strip but be careful, it is dangerous. Keep your car in your side unless you stuck in.
If you are get used to see left handed traffic like UK or similart countries. Here is the chance. Go settings and change traffic type to “Left hand side” traffic. Good luck to you

– Time Attack
You have 100 seconds. Do your best, overtake all cars on your way.


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